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Show Yourself – Charli Red & Katy Rose


Gorgeous roommates Charli Red and Katy Rose are hurrying to get ready for a night out, seeking approval from each other for their sexy lingerie, as Andrej Lupin’s sizzling “Show Yourself” begins. After several highly arousing outfit changes they both settle on black lace, Katy unable to resist her glamorous girlfriend and smothering her with kisses. Charli responds eagerly as Katy pushes her onto the bed, thrusting a hand into her panties to stroke her frantically. She laps at Charli’s stiff nipples, peels off her panties and slides two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. Sucking on her clit, she frigs Charli vigorously. Charli arches her back and moans with pleasure as her lover spreads her shaved pussy open and strums her clit, driving her to an overwhelming orgasm. Flipping Katy onto her back, Charli eats and frigs her shaved pussy avidly, Katy riding her pumping fingers until she trembles through a wild climax. But she’s insatiable and craves more; Charli turns her over onto her front, grabs her ass cheeks so her pussy parts wide, and probes her glistening pussy with her sticky tongue. This time Katy’s climax is so intense she bites down on the bedcovers, her whole body convulsing. They kiss through the post-orgasmic glow, their night out apparently forgotten.

Date: June 25, 2019
Actors: Charli Red / Katy Rose