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Eyla Moore, Lesya, Oxana Chic


Eyla invited her friends Lesya and Oxana over for a girls’ night with some wine, gossip, and food. As the three ate, drank, and had fun, they started gently touching and teasing each other. Clothes came off as Eyla took an ice cube, pulled Lesya’s top down, and used it to tease her nipples. The three hotties helped each other get out of their clothes. Eyla ended up sitting on the counter, legs spread, with Oxana kissing her while Lesya ate her shaved pussy. As all three’s panties hit the floor, they climbed onto the kitchen counter so they could rub each other’s pussies, kiss, and suck on nipples. The three had started the night out drinking, eating, and talking, and now they were all naked, rubbing their pussies, and helping each other cum their brains out!

Date: November 6, 2020