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Hair Part 2 – Second Chance – Anna Rose & Emylia Argan


Passionate lovers Anna Rose and Emylia Argan are driving home together as episode two of Andrej Lupin’s compelling series “Hair” begins, so hot for each other they can barely keep their hands to themselves. It’s evident Emylia has found happiness again. Abandoning their shopping as soon as they get through the door, the girls kiss hungrily, bodies pressed together. Gorgeous Emylia thrusts a hand down Anna’s pants, pinning her against the wall, sucking her stiff nipples. She tugs Anna’s underwear down and slides her tongue between her sexy girlfriend’s shaved pussy lips. Anna sits and spreads her legs wide, back arched in pleasure as Emylia licks her voraciously. Busty Emylia pushes her fingers deep inside Anna’s juicy pussy, fucking her to orgasm, making her whole body shudder and quake. Now Anna kneels between Emylia’s thighs, eating and fingering her skilfully as Emylia rocks her hips up and her big breasts bounce. Her orgasm is earth-shatteringly powerful; but there’s a string in this romantic tale…

Date: June 23, 2019