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Friends Part 2 – Stella Cox & Maxmilian Dior


The concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s two-parter “Friends” takes us to the other side of the courtyard as we retrace our steps through the streets of old Mallorca with Ricky, Anastazia, Stella Cox and Maxmilian Dior; only this time we head home with ample-breasted Stella and her partner, Maxmilian. Max is eager to have Stella, raising her skirt and slipping his hands inside her lace panties to rub her clit. Kneeling before her, he tugs off her underwear with his teeth and laps eagerly at her shaved pussy, slipping a finger inside her wet hole. Across the courtyard, we spy Anastazia pressed up against the window, shedding her clothes and sucking Ricky’s cock as she watches her friends. Stella takes off her bra to free her big boobs, then tugs Max’s pants down to find him rock hard already. She stuffs his thick cock into her mouth, stroking his length with two hands as she sucks on his mushroom tip, then jerks him off between her gorgeous tits. Max flips her around and has her sit on his rod. Stella bucks on his boner until Max stands and pushes her against the window, fucking her hard and fast as she moans with pleasure. Laughing, Stella pushes Max onto his back and squats over him, leaning back to rest her hands on his thighs; her breasts bounce in his face as she rides him hard. Beyond, Ricky and Anastazia watch them, Ricky powering into Anastazia as they enjoy the show. Feeling himself close to the edge, Max flips Stella onto her back and thrusts deep into her as she frigs her clit to orgasm. He pulls out just in time to have Stella jerk his load onto her belly and clit. The relationship between these four “Friends” has developed a new dimension of voyeurism and exhibitionism that evidently excites them all.

Date: July 20, 2019