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Hair Episode 1 – Love – Chrissy Fox & Emylia Argan


Sexy brunette Emylia Argan gives her new friend Chrissy Fox a neck massage, as part one of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Hair” begins. Emylia can’t resist playing with Chrissy’s lustrous blonde locks, and gives in to the urge to kiss her neck. Passion ignites as Chrissy turns to kiss gorgeous Emylia on the lips, hands running over her body. Chrissy lies back on the table with her legs parted and Emylia kisses her way down to the horny blonde’s pussy, nuzzling her through her white lace panties. She pulls them aside and licks Chrissy’s juicy pink slit, thrusting her fingers inside as she comes up for another kiss, making Chrissy moan with pleasure. She fingerbangs Chrissy deep and hard, driving her wild, breaking off for both of them to get naked before going down to eat her again. Chrissy’s lovely small breasts quiver as Emylia licks her clit and slides a finger inside her slippery slit, making her climax again. Chrissy gropes Emylia’s beautiful big tits and then eats her pussy voraciously, spreading her open with her tongue and driving her to an explosive orgasm. It’s the start of a wonderful love affair; but events are about to take a shocking turn…

Date: July 24, 2019