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Arousal – Cassie Fire & Emilio Ardana


Raven-haired Russian beauty Cassie Fire is positively vibrating with “Arousal” in Alis Locanta’s study of irresistible passion. Cassie lounges in the bathtub, tweaking her nipples as she eyes Spanish stud Emilio Ardana lasciviously. Emilio reaches into the water to stroke Cassie’s submerged clit; she is so horny that Emilio’s busy fingers make her climax rapidly. In the bedroom they kiss voraciously, Emilio squeezing Cassie’s curvy ass and driving a finger into her wet pussy. Cassie spreads her thighs for Emilio to eat her shaved slot hungrily. Cassie’s nipples are diamond-hard as she jerks Emilio’s rigid cock and then stretches her pretty mouth around it, licking and stroking and sucking it deep. Cassie straddles Emilio, sinking down onto his hard prick and riding him hard and fast, face suffused with lust. They move into spoons, bodies slamming together vigorously; then into reverse cowgirl, Emilio thrusting up forcefully as Cassie rides, her tits bouncing. They finish off in missionary, Emilio pinning Cassie down as he fucks her through her orgasm and cums on her pale skin. Their mutual attraction and scorching chemistry makes for compelling viewing.

Date: July 17, 2019