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Distorted Reality – Silvie Luca & Tess B


Being an artist operating in a commercial marketplace presents specific challenges. He not only has to find inspiration and then craft his creation, he also has to provide the paying customer with something of value. Alis Locanta deals with this challenge by constantly experimenting with style, content, and form, and investigating new ways of expressing his artistic/erotic vision. And this experimentation can have surprising results. In the aptly titled “Distorted Reality” the filmmaker takes the classic genre of girl-girl erotica and then experiments with style, mood, technique, and presentation in a way that makes something utterly familiar into a surprising, fresh, and arresting work of art. The tone is established in the opening seconds of the film as the Sexart logo is interrupted by bursts of image-distorting static. Then Silvie Luca, a look of nonspecific concern on her face, walks along the hallways of a (seemingly) vacant residence. Tess B is introduced in similar fashion. Quick, disorienting, edits reveal the performers in different costumes, and swap their positions. The images on the screen are skewed slightly to a somewhat faded yet still warm range of the spectrum, the edges of the frame subtly blurred. The music, “” throbs and washes of synthetic sound “” fades in and out. And Silvie, with focused determination, caresses, kisses, licks, sucks, and fingers Tess to orgasm. After the briefest of pauses, Tess gifts Silvie with a similar treatment, enthusiastically performed, with evidently satisfying results. There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Alis Locanta is in control of the transmission. You have entered “Distorted Reality.”

Date: May 23, 2019
Actors: Silvie Luca / Tess B