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Her Night – Sapphira A


Understated lighting, thoughtful set decoration, an evocative soundtrack, and subtle yet stylish cinematography and editing all play important supporting roles in “Her Night,” but the film belongs to its star, and few in the Sexart firmament shine as brightly as Sapphira A. To the sound of solo piano, Sapphira enters the living room carrying a bottle of wine and a single glass. She lights a fire in the fireplace, opens the bottle, fills her glass, and then begins to leisurely lacquer her toenails. A quiet night at home, alone, with no social obligations, no distractions, nothing but soft lights, a crackling fire, a sip or two of wine, and the relaxing, almost meditative task of painting her nails. But after Sapphira has finished with her toes and starts in on her fingernails she begins to lose interest. And, because this is “Her Night,” she caps the bottle of polish, blows the single painted nail dry, and reclines on the sofa to relax and enjoy the moment. At first she seems quite content simply to lounge and luxuriate. But something stirs deep within, an idea, a glowing spark. She begins to stroke her skin. Eventually she slips off her lace top and squeezes her breasts. She slides a hand into her sheer black panties and begins to stroke herself as the fire within begins to build. The panties come off, a single finger slides insistently into a visibly wet entrance, nipples stiff with arousal. She moves to all fours all the while probing and petting herself. She rolls onto her back. And soon, but subtly and without much drama, she reaches the point of no return, the highlight and climax of “Her Night.” This offering from director Andrej Lupin is the perfect way to add beautiful, stylish and intimate eroticism to your night…or day…or whenever you crave a taste of Sapphira A.

Date: June 6, 2019
Actors: Sapphira A