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Couldn’t Resist – Lena Anderson


Can you resist the charms of Lena Anderson? The sexy American babe sits on the couch and smiles the smile of the sinful. Her nipples press urgently against her top and she teases by quickly dragging it down to reveal one sweet titty with its dark, hard nipple – a flash of erotica. Shifting in her seat, she rolls onto her hip and lifts the hem of her short plaid skirt, with a sultry pout. Turning herself on, she pulls her top down to toy with her breasts, squeezing them, her nipples reacting eagerly to her touch. She turns her back and pulls off her top, falling onto hands and knees, her peach panties cupping her pussy snugly between slender thighs. Those dark eyes are mesmerizing when she looks over her shoulder and unzips her skirt to let it fall. What a perfect ass! Her panties go right up between her cheeks until she lies back and slips them off. Gently, she rubs at her shaved pussy, stroking her clit and opening the folds of her pussy, easing a finger inside her tight hole.

Date: June 24, 2019
Actors: Lena Anderson