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Awaiting – Hilary C


Cute Hilary C is hanging out at home in her underwear, waiting for someone. She watches out the window, her hands absentmindedly stroking her naked thighs as she kneels in the bay watching for a sign. Her sensual stroking begins to turn her on and she finds something more fun to do than just sit and wait. Lying on her back, Hilary deftly strokes her sweet little breasts, teasing her nipples softly, her fingers tracing a path from her titties to her panties. She takes off her bra and frees her wonderful breasts, the nipples pert, then gets down on hands and knees – is she waiting for someone to come and join her now? Her panties glide down her silky thighs to rest at her knees as she reaches back to pull on her ass cheeks, full pussy pouting between those perfect buns.

Date: June 11, 2020
Actors: Hilary C