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Yoga Inspiration – Taissia A


Filled with the inner peace that only comes through “Yoga Inspiration,” raven-haired Russian cutie Taissia sits naked in the lotus position, eyes closed, a hand on each knee. The pale skinned natural beauty rolls back and lifts her crossed legs, her trimmed pussy appearing like sunrise, nipples hard. Taissia’s attention to mind and body through yogic exercise leads her mind to wander over her body, to explore every part of herself in minute detail. Her hands glide over her supple body before she takes hold of both feet and wraps them around her head, her pussy exposed. She wets a finger and slides it inside her pussy, her thumb stroking her clit, two fingers slipping over her asshole. Smiling to herself, Taissia teases her clit hard, peeling her lips open and whirling her fingertip around her button. Her eyes close again as she meditates on her clit, sliding two fingers into her juicy slot as her grinding hand spurs her on. Pulling on her pussy lips, teasing every part of her pussy, driving four fingers deep, Taissia is soon dripping with sexual excitement. She rolls onto her side, one leg held behind her shoulder, two fingers thrust inside her slick slit, her thumb rubbing and stroking her clit. On her belly, Taissia reaches back to grip her ankles and lift herself off the floor in bow position, folding her legs back on themselves with elastic nimbleness. But then the flames of desire grow again and she raises her ass up to frig her clit harder, climaxing noisily. Her session of “Yoga Inspiration” leaves her serene and sated.

Date: May 20, 2019
Actors: Taissia A