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Unread Message – Cassie Fire & Juan Lucho


Alis Locanta’s “Unread Message” opens with hot brunette Cassie Fire – making her SexArt debut – watching her lover Juan Lucho, her beautiful face showing a confused blend of emotions. Abruptly she approaches him, kisses him hard on the mouth and immediately opens his pants to free his rock hard cock, kneeling between his thighs to suck him deep into her mouth. Cassie needs no foreplay, straddling Juan and tugging her panties to one side, her skirt and jacket still on as she guides his dick into her wet hole. She fucks him hard and fast, bouncing on his rod, riding at full gallop. Flashing back to an argument the lovers had earlier – about the text message referred to in the title – it becomes evident this is make-up sex of the most passionate kind. We re-join them in the bedroom, Juan now naked and lying on his back with his dick in the air as he watches Cassie strip for him; the camera lingers on her sexy small breasts with hard, dark nipples, and her sweetly shaved pussy aching for more cock. Cassie straddles Juan and leans back to lets him eat her pussy, her plump lips wet with juice and saliva, his fingers grinding over her engorged clit. The horny honey kneels to suck him again, jerking him off slowly into her mouth, sucking the head and coating it in her saliva. Cassie remounts Juan, bouncing hard on his full length, fucking him for all she’s worth. She breaks off for another quick taste of his meat, then swivels around for a reverse cowgirl ride, grinding her ass back and forth. Juan guides her to fuck him hard, pushing her up with every downstroke. Cassie orgasms hard and loudly, then finds her place between Juan’s thighs once more to jerk his load all over her tits, pumping him fast as arcs of jizz splash over her body. Make-up sex this hot is certainly worth fighting for.

Date: June 17, 2019