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Show Me Part 1 – Arteya & Rossella Visconti


A new European location and two new stars “” Rossella Visconti and Arteya “” make their Sexart debuts in Part 1 of Andrej Lupin’s new feature, “Show Me.” As the film begins Jay Smooth, in a brief, non-sex cameo appearance, pilots a boat along a canal in the Netherlands. The two beautiful blondes stand at the canal’s edge admiring the beauty of the setting, and then take a self-guided tour of a nearby windmill. When the two women are alone in the privacy of a bedroom, and stripped down to their bras and panties, Visconti proceeds to slowly and gently seduce the willing, but perhaps less experienced, Arteya. Seated on the bed, and facing the mirrored front of an armoire, Visconti removes Arteya’s bra and then lavishes her impressive breasts with attention. She slides a hand into her partner’s panties, and leisurely savors the sight and feel of Arteya’s shapely body. Once Rossella has taken off Arteya’s panties she locks eyes with her and pauses for a meaningful moment, before planting a soulful kiss on her pussy. When Rossella has primed Arteya with her tongue and fingers she straddles her face, moving in synch with her partner’s mouth until she climaxes. The couple eventually trade places and Arteya follows Visconti’s lead “” she straddles Rossella’s head, lowers her pussy onto her mouth, and then humps and grinds to orgasm. Arteya follows up her own climax by eating and fingering Visconti to a final burst of ecstasy. Fresh faces, beautiful bodies, and a satisfying sapphic seduction all contribute to the success of “Show Me Part 1,” and will leave the viewer eager to see whatever awaits in “Part 2.”

Date: July 28, 2019