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Red Vinyl – Andrea P


In their latest collaboration the husband and wife team of Paul and Ilona Black take the single girl masturbation movie to a radical and revolutionary new level. Even those who are familiar with previous Sexart creations by these visionary erotic iconoclasts will be surprised, even shocked, by “Red Vinyl.” And that’s probably the point. When was the last time you saw a single girl movie with a cock in it? Or flesh and blood fellatio? Or fucking? Or repeated ejaculations? And yet, despite presenting all these elements in Andrea P’s vividly realized sexual fantasies, “Red Vinyl” remains very much a single girl masturbation movie. Andrea P, partially clad in white lingerie, a string of pearls around her neck, lies on her bed. The ceiling fan spins, sticks of incense are lit, a record begins to play on a turntable. And Andrea starts to fantasize and masturbate. Her hands wander and her fingers “” with dramatic, long, blood red, lacquered nails “” stroke her skin and tease her flesh. She reaches into a bedside drawer and withdraws a long, thin container of lip-gloss “” an unlikely dildo, but effective, nonetheless. As she probes her pussy with the plastic object a relentless parade of stark and explicit images play though her imagination. When it arrives her orgasm is prolonged, extended, and punctuated by gushing ejaculations of her own. A surrealistic sojourn to the fantastic fringes of erotic art, “Red Vinyl” should be a hit with viewers with a taste for fearless artistry, experimentation, adventure, and the unexpected.

Date: July 10, 2019
Actors: Andrea P