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Red – Alex Moretti & Lana Seymour


Sexy Lana Seymour moves seductively, capturing the attention of her lover Alex Moretti, as Andrej Lupin’s steamy erotic movie “Red” begins. The gorgeous brunette looks like a classic pin-up star as she kisses Alex until he’s desperate for her, and then feeds his rock hard cock between her lips. She makes teasing eye contact with him as she switches between trailing her sticky tongue up and down his shaft, deep throating it and sucking hard on the glans. Straddling Alex, Lana rubs her pussy up and down the length of his cock, her juicy folds wrapping around his shaft with every thrust of her hips. As she rides, Lana undoes her dress so Alex can play with her beautiful breasts. She guides his cock inside her soaking wet pussy and rides vigorously, Alex gripping her ass cheeks and thrusting deep. Turning around, Lana wiggles her perfect ass in Alex’s face before sinking down onto his dick in reverse cowgirl. He rubs her clit and fondles her breasts as she grinds down on him. They move into missionary, Alex driving his cock deep inside Lana’s hot pussy, bodies moving in unison as he fucks her hard and fast. Her intense orgasm triggers his, and he fills her with his hot cum as she shivers and shakes with pleasure.

Date: July 28, 2019