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Paparazzi – Lucy Li & Johnny D


A beautiful starlet relaxes on the patio of her luxurious home, savoring a glass of wine and the quiet stillness of the evening. In the privacy and security of her own home she begins to casually masturbate, raising the hem of her tight, white designer dress and rubbing the silk crotch of her panties. But out in the shadows, figures approach, not cat burglars or night stalkers, but a crew of tabloid photographers, the “Paparazzi” who give Andrej Lupin’s film its title. When the starlet “” Lucy Li “” realizes her privacy has been invaded she alerts her security staff who are able to apprehend one of the photographers “” Johnny D “” as his partners scurry off into the night. With the paparazzo lashed to a chair, Li dismisses her guards and begins to tease, taunt, and torment the hapless intruder. Seated mere inches from the immobilized interloper, Li reclines and masturbates, giving the shutterbug a far more detailed show than he was able to capture earlier in the evening. Li also jerks D’s cock, and further arouses him by performing an impromptu lap dance. But Lucy is out for her own pleasure and she relishes the control she has over her prisoner. Once she’s satisfied he poses no threat, she cuts his bonds and commands him to eat her pussy “” a directive he is only too eager to obey. Now suitably primed, Lucy has Johnny return to his seat where she mounts him in the reverse cowgirl stance and uses him as her own personal sex toy, throwing off his hands when he dares to touch her voluptuous body. As Lucy’s arousal increases she climbs off the lensman and continues to torment him by stroking her wet, pink pussy as her orgasm nears. But there’s a limit to Li’s cruelty and, ultimately, she allows Johnny to fuck her some more before bringing him to an explosive finish with her hand. Although Johnny D exits the estate without any photos to peddle to the tabloids, he’s drained and satisfied, with an amazing story to tell his fellow “Paparazzi.”

Date: April 25, 2020
Actors: Johnny D / Lucy Li