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Incandescence – Anissa Kate – Anissa Kate


Alis Locanta’s highly stylized single girl series, “Incandescence,” follows a fairly rigid format, and that is handily summarized by the subtitle appended to each edition: “A Doll Story.” And while each episode features a female “doll” coming to lusty life and then satisfying long-dormant sexual desire, the constraints of the format give each performer who takes on “the doll role” an opportunity to create a unique and intensely personal work of self-expression. In this, the third offering in the series, Anissa Kate makes her first ever appearance in a Sexart production. With a music box providing the now familiar soundtrack, and standing in a room lighted by various lamps as well as bare bulbs, the process begins. As her heart begins to beat and her fever begins to rise Anissa’s hands begin to caress, grope, and squeeze the ample breasts concealed by her blouse. She tears at the garment, exposing two stunningly large orbs. After teasing the nipple of each hefty tit with her tongue, Anissa’s attentions move in a southerly direction. She rubs her crotch through the fabric of her snug skirt, then unzips and lets it fall to the floor revealing a simple garter belt and stockings. With a focus sharpened by hunger, she goes to work, fingering and caressing her sex, first with one hand, then with both, stroking, rubbing, and penetrating herself until she gets what she’s been waiting for. As Anissa Kate’s orgasm fades the screen fades to black. During the credits she reappears, this time standing in a shower, dripping wet, in a sheer bikini that graphically highlights her voluptuous body and sultry screen persona. Anissa Kate’s turn in “Incandescence” is a turn-on, in more ways than one.

Date: July 12, 2019
Actors: Anissa Kate