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Direction – Vivien Nouwelle & Michael Fly


Cute blonde Vivien Nouwelle has a vibrating toy inside her shaved pussy. As Nemako Kikson’s erotic movie “Direction” begins, she hands the controller to Michael Fly and steps into the bathtub, aiming the powerful shower jet at her dark nipples to make them tingle. Michael turns up the vibrations until she’s moaning with pleasure and trembling through an orgasm. Vivien kisses her lover passionately, frees his hugely erect cock from his pants and wraps her lips around it, gazing up at him adoringly as she sucks and licks it. She bends over and Michael thrusts into her from behind, squeezing her jiggling breasts as he fucks her to an intense climax. Straddling him in cowgirl, Vivien rides energetically, the bed springs squeaking as she slides up and down on his dick. She orgasms again and they switch to spoons, Michael driving his sweetheart to another overwhelming climax as he fills her with his hot cum.

Date: April 24, 2020