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Delight – Lee Anne & Nick Ross


Stunning Lee Anne lies naked on the bed, massaging her beautiful breasts and stroking her pussy until she climaxes, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Delight” begins. As the raven-haired darling basks in an orgasmic glow, Nick Ross enters the bedroom, fresh from his shower, and kisses her tenderly. He rubs her pussy and sucks her nipples, then clamps his mouth over her mound and works his tongue deep inside her wet slit. She goes wild, gasping and moaning, her body quivering uncontrollably. Moving into missionary, Nick pushes his cock effortlessly inside Lee Anne’s pussy, her body so alive with sexual stimulation that every thrust has her trembling and gasping with arousal. As her lover constantly switches between pounding her pussy vigorously and sliding his cock in and out teasingly slowly, he takes her to the edge of orgasm repeatedly, before pulling her back. They flip over, Lee Anne straddling Nick in cowgirl and riding furiously, breasts jiggling as she bounces harder and faster, up and down on his pole. Next they switch to spoons, Nick’s thick cock plowing between Lee Anne’s plump pussy lips as she shrieks with pleasure, growing even louder when he accelerates and drives her to a powerful orgasm. He slams into her rapidly, then pulls out for her to jerk him off over her pussy mound. They kiss, sweaty, sticky and sated.

Date: July 10, 2019
Actors: Lee Anne / Nick Ross