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Beauty And Slacker – Cristal Caitlin & Matt Ice


Andrej Lupin’s “Beauty and Slacker” begins with a burst of athletic energy as Cristal Caitlin enjoys a brisk run and brief nude cool-down dip in the ocean. When she returns home she discovers that her boyfriend, Matt Ice, is lazing in bed, savoring a siesta. The sight of her lethargic lover puts Cristal in playful mood and she taunts and teases drowsy Ice into action. What follows is an extended bout of leisurely lovemaking that builds slowly and inexorably to an intensely passionate and powerfully satisfying finish. Still in her workout outfit, Cristal straddles Ice and rubs her crotch suggestively on his stiffening dick. Cristal then palpates Matt’s prick, stroking and tugging it skillfully before administering a loving licking to his cock and balls. Cristal next straddles Matt and begins to ride, then places her feet flat on the mattress to better control the pace of the pumping as the sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills the room. After reversing her position Caitlin winds up with her head between Matt’s knees as he continues to slip and slide his cock inside her pretty cunt. When Matt’s meat pops free of her moist grip Cristal hovers her slit over his face and Ice eagerly eats her from beneath. When the twosome wind up banging doggie style the pace quickens and the mutual arousal explodes in two, back-to-back orgasms that leave Matt sweating and drained, and cum oozing from Cristal’s beautiful butterfly. And when one might reasonably expect “Beauty and Slacker” to wind down “” as Cristal and Matt get into the shower “” the film ramps up once again for still more steamy fuck and suck action.

Date: April 21, 2020