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Anniversary – Cristal Caitlin & Karol Lilien


Although the subject of Andrej Lupin’s “Anniversary” is simple and instantly recognizable, the style, execution, and spontaneous, natural, and entirely genuine performances of its two stunning stars add irresistible depth and complexity to this ode to romantic love. Karol Lilien and Cristal Caitlin are celebrating their union by candlelight. They hold hands, kiss, sip sparkling wine, chat, and gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes. Karol then leads Cristal to the boudoir where a surprise awaits “” she’s scattered red rose petals on the satin sheets of their bed. And it doesn’t take long for the lovers to put that bed to use. Between kisses Lilien strips off her dress “” the sole piece of clothing she’s been wearing. Next she takes off Cristal’s dress, and then her panties. As they kiss with passion Karol begins to caress Cristal’s pussy. Caitlin responds instantaneously, moaning softly and writhing with delight as Karol begins to finger and then simultaneously eat her. Karol is relentless, focused solely on satisfying her lover, and Cristal grows more aroused by the minute. When orgasm arrives she moans with satisfaction, clutching at the sheets and riding waves of sexual delight. As Caitlin’s ecstasy subsides Karol wastes no time “” she straddles Cristal’s face and plants her pussy squarely on her mouth. Cristal, her hands wrapped around Karol’s thighs, her mouth pressed hard against her fevered sex, relishes the chance to taste, tease, and pleasure her lover. And when the face-sitting ends, Cristal positions Karol on her back, gets between her legs, and uses her plunging fingers, flicking tongue, and sucking lips to bring Lilien to a powerful “” and vocal “” orgasm of her own. Even at its lustiest, the mood of “Anniversary” is loving and intensely intimate. And as they share the afterglow of such profound pleasure “” as well as a final glass of wine “” the viewer is struck but just how happy, and how hot, a loving “Anniversary” can be.

Date: July 10, 2019