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Affair Part 1 – Morgan Rodriguez & Nick Wolanski


Morgan Rodriguez has been rejected by her boyfriend, and she is drinking with her friend Nick Wolanski and confiding in him as the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s two-parter “The Affair” begins. When Nick suggests that Morgan has sex with him instead, she readily agrees, lunging across the table to kiss him. He pushes up her skirt and eats her pussy skilfully, sucks her ample breasts, then lies back so she can engulf his cock in her eager mouth. She makes intense eye contact with him as she sucks him deep, then straddles him and rides vigorously, leaning in for a passionate kiss. Nick flips Morgan onto her back so he can pound into her harder; when she moves into doggy, her moans reach a crescendo as he fucks her to an orgasm. The sweat-soaked pair have another beer as they laugh about Morgan’s boyfriend, and as Nick suggests they take a shower together, it seems the fun of “The Affair” is to continue…

Date: June 3, 2019