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Vine 2 Episode 4 – Sealed With A Kiss – Stefany Moon & Tina Kay


Glamorous vineyard owner Tina Kay gets it on with her cute prospective buyer Stefany Moon, in episode four of Sandra Shine’s erotic movie series “Vine 2.” Sitting in a swing-seat, the gorgeous babes kiss; Tina strips slender sweetheart Stefany down to her white panties, and sucks on her pert breasts. As she moves her attention south, she rubs Stefany’s pussy through the panties, making her let out tiny yelps of pleasure. Her moans increase in volume and intensity when Tina peels her panties off and laps at her shaved pussy, trailing her tongue up and down her wet slit and bumping the tip of it against her clit. Stefany squirms with arousal, squeezing her small, sexy breasts as Tina eats her skilfully. Stefany turns onto her knees, one leg raised to spread her succulent pussy and ass open for Tina’s tongue. The voracious brunette strums her new friend’s clit and rims her tight asshole, driving her wild. Stefany kneels upright and Tina frigs her pussy with both hands, making her howl and gyrate her body as she’s pushed to a very vocal climax. Smiling and sated, Stefany drops a bombshell regarding her plans for the business that sees the newfound lesbian lovers kissing with renewed fervor…

Date: June 7, 2019