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Turn Me On – Allatra Hot & Sarah Cute


Gorgeous girlfriends Allatra Hot and Sarah Cute are asleep in their robot-themed bedroom, as Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie “Turn Me On” begins. Sarah awakens and gets out a new toy she’s bought for Allatra, who is thrilled with the surprise. She thanks her sweetheart with a passionate kiss, and they fool around, Sarah pulling off her shorts so Allatra can put an adorable temporary tattoo on her perfect ass, to match her own. She can’t resist kissing the pert cheeks, then tugging Sarah’s top off to lick and suck her beautiful breasts. Stripping her naked, Allatra goes down to eat Sarah’s shaved pussy. Sarah rocks her hips to ride the sensations as Allatra licks her skilfully, then moves into spoons to fingerbang her to an intense orgasm. Allatra straddles Sarah’s face, grinding her shaved pussy on her tongue, squeezing her own breasts lovingly. She turns onto her back for Sarah to eat her to a breathless climax.

Date: June 22, 2019