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Truth or Dare Episode 2 – Vitalize – Julia Roca & Talia Mint


Adorable Talia Mint is so turned on by the sound of her friends Leila Smith and Julia Roca having sex that she can’t help touching herself as she listens to them. Later the girls return to their game of Truth or Dare; Julia decides not to answer a question and so Leila makes her perform a mock blowjob on a banana. As Julia shows off her skill, the giggly atmosphere becomes more flirtatious, and then as Talia confesses to an erotic dream she once had, Julia strips her panties off and starts to touch her. Sexually voracious Julia is soon leading Talia to the bedroom, kissing her hungrily and teasing her nipples until she’s panting with lust. Pushing her onto the bed so her flushed pink pussy splays apart, Julia licks and fingers her expertly, breaking off so they can perform a sensual striptease for each other. Talia then goes down to eat Julia’s lightly furred pussy, making her cry out with the intense pleasure. Talia mounts Julia’s face, riding hard and then tipping forward to eat her so they can both climax noisily together.

Date: July 19, 2019