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Summer Memories Episode 2 – Flashback – Nikita Bellucci & Noe Milk


Nikita Bellucci takes a moment to remember a perfect summer’s day with Noe Milk in the pool, her sexy ebony friend toying with her lovely small tits and shaved pussy in the water. Soon, Nikita’s dress is open and her legs are spread as her hands squeeze her breasts and her fingers rub her pussy through her panties. Noe Milk’s hot body and bullet nipples always get Nikita wet when she thinks of her, and today her memories are so strong that she just has to finger herself. That day in the pool ended with Nikita and Noe in bed, Noe lying on her back while Nikita straddled her, rubbing lotion into her perky breasts, teasing her dark nipples. Oiling up her thighs, Nikita makes Noe roll onto her stomach and then massages her sweet ass with oil, slipping a couple of fingers up her pussy as Noe begins to moan with pleasure. As Noe watches, Nikita squirts the liquid onto her white top and cotton panties, the oil soaking her clothes and running into the folds of her pussy. Nikita is so turned on that she masturbates in front of her friend, driving herself wild with desire. She strips, her fantastic heavy breasts coming free. Noe squirts oil over her slit and then Nikita eases a finger inside her, drilling her to a hard orgasm with her tongue deep inside Noe’s mouth. For her reward, Noe gets Nikita on her hands and knees, her pussy slick with oil, and grinds her wet fingers over Nikita’s throbbing clit, fucking her with two fingers. When Nikita is far beyond control, Noe ups the game, sliding two fingers up her lubed asshole, fucking both her holes to an orgasmic peak. And what kind of friend would Nikita be if she didn’t give Noe another orgasm too?

Date: July 29, 2019