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Serendipity Episode 1 – Distraction – Dominica A & Lilu Moon


Gorgeous Sara Smith sits writing in her journal by the river, as episode one of Nik Fox’s erotic series “Serendipity” begins. She watches a cute lesbian couple, and is inspired by their tender kisses. Back home, sexy Lilu Moon and Dominica A embrace playfully in the kitchen, moving to the bedroom as they grow increasingly amorous. Naked on the bed, Lilu straddles her tattooed girlfriend, pinning her wrists and showering her with soft kisses. Lilu sucks Dominica’s stiff nipples and rubs her shaved pussy with spit-lubed fingers, making her squirm and moan as she teases her clit. She licks all around Dominica’s slit before zeroing in on her sensitive clit, the horny blonde’s hips rocking up to meet every stroke as the expert oral attention drives her wild. Dominica tastes her own sweetness from Lilu’s luscious lips in a hungry kiss, then slides a hand between the stunning brunette’s thighs to play with her pussy, skating her fingers over the slick folds. Growing visibly wetter, Lilu rides her lover’s fingers until she’s shuddering through an overwhelming climax. She thanks Dominica with some ardent kisses, then spreads her cheeks and rims her tight asshole as she finger-fucks her pussy until the intense stimulation gives her a screaming orgasm. Sticky and sated, they lie in each other’s arms. But later, as Lilu walks back along the river bank, her direct approach to Sarah Smith suggests their serendipitous encounter is just beginning…

Date: July 16, 2019
Actors: Dominica A / Lilu Moon