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Sandra’s Sporty Girls Episode 3 – The Skater – Brandy Smile & Zafira A


Episode three of “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” sees cute blonde Brandy Smile teaching sexy brunette Zafira how to rollerblade. Zafira might not be able to blade, but she looks damn good trying in her tight lycra shorts! Sadly, it all ends too soon when Zafira falls and sprains her ankle. Back home, Brandy applies an ice pack to Zafira’s ankle with much tenderness. But when she offers Zafira a massage those tender touches blossom. Zafira knows what Brandy really means and leans forward to kiss her on the lips. With open mouths, the babes explore each other’s tongues, their hands roaming over each other’s body. Brandy helps Zafira out of her top and bra, her heavy breasts springing free, then Zafira returns the favour, locking her lips around Brandy’s perky tits. Brandy pulls off Zafira’s shorts and panties, then buries her face between tanned thighs to lick Zafira’s clit, dipping her tongue into her snatch, wetting Zafira’s slim pussy lips. Zafira lies back on the dining table, the sweetest of desserts. Brandy is soon naked, climbing onto Zafira’s face in a sixty-nine as she wantonly sucks on her clit. Zafira’s fingers stroke Brandy’s slit, before she busies herself eating her wet hole. Brandy enters Zafira’s fleshy folds with two fingers, pushing her over the edge into a noisy orgasm. When she’s caught her breath, Zafira finger-fucks Brandy to climax as the cute blonde gropes and squeezes her big breasts. It’s a training session neither girl is likely to forget!

Date: June 11, 2019