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Red Passion Episode 2 – Impulsive – Henessy A & Nekane


Busty Spanish beauty Nekane performs a sexy striptease over the opening credits. Next we see Henessy rehearsing a speech in the mirror, trying to explain an apparent infidelity to her lover; but when she catches sight of Nekane’s red thong, she is overwhelmed with lust, and stumbles through her apology. Nekane pushes her up against the wall, kissing and touching her passionately. Nekane acts cold and angry, but Henessy fondles her breasts and then bends her over, pulling up her skirt and licking her pussy and ass, then thrusting a thumb into her ass as she rubs her own pussy. Henessy pushes Nekane onto her back, sucking her nipples and then eating her pussy and fingering her ass until she cums loudly. The mood grows tense and Henessy tries to explain herself again; Nekane spanks her roughly, and then slides a finger into her ass, driving her wild. Henessy strips, and Nekane eats and finger-bangs her to a string of intense climaxes. An unexpectedly romantic ending suggests a sweet future for the couple.

Date: February 1, 2020
Actors: Henessy A / Nekane