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One Hot Summer Episode 4 – The Birds And The Bees – Lovita Fate & Victoria Puppy


Gorgeous platinum blonde Lovita Fate play footsie with her cute girlfriend Victoria Puppy by the river, as episode four of Nik Fox’s erotic series “One Hot Summer” begins. On a bench in the garden, they kiss tenderly and passionately, Victoria baring Lovita’s luscious breasts so she can tweak and suck on her rapidly stiffening nipples. Victoria takes off her dress and lets her horny lover reciprocate, but just enough to get her juices flowing, before she takes the reins again and peels off Lovita’s tight white panties. The freckled sweetie spreads her legs so sexy Victoria can lick her shaved pussy, flicking her tongue over her clit piercing, making her moan with excitement. She wets two fingers in Lovita’s mouth, then slides them inside her pussy, knuckle-deep. She sucks Lovita’s nipples as she thrusts her fingers faster, making her quiver and gasp her way through a powerful orgasm. Victoria kneels on the bench with her hot ass in the air so Lovita can rim her tight asshole, finger-banging her pussy to intensify the sensations. Such intense stimulation soon has Victoria yelping with joy, until her entire body trembles uncontrollably as her climax sweeps through her. She can’t keep her hands off Lovita, spreading her pussy open and frigging her to a second, even wilder orgasm, the two beauties in perfect sexual harmony.

Date: June 7, 2019