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Foot Addiction Episode 3 – Hunger – Cindy Hope & Dolly Diore


Erotic superstar Cindy Hope is making pancakes, looking irresistible in skimpy little shorts and T-shirt, as episode three of Sandra Shine’s sensational “Foot Addiction” begins. She is joined by gorgeous Dolly Diore, who plants her ass on the edge of the table and runs her bare foot up the inside of Cindy’s thigh. Cindy feeds her friend some pancake, rolled up in a suggestive, phallic length, but Dolly is hungry for more than just food. They kiss, Cindy grinding her crotch against Dolly’s thigh, Dolly’s hands squeezing and clutching her ass. Cindy squats in front of her lover and begins to kiss her bare thigh, licking her way down to her feet, lips caressing Dolly’s painted toes. Dolly watches, delighted as Cindy rubs her foot over her big breasts, and then her hands are reaching for Dolly’s shorts to pull them down, building the anticipation. Cindy’s tongue flickers over Dolly’s panties, lapping at her pussy through her underwear. Dolly spreads her legs wider and Cindy pulls her panties aside to lick her hot pussy, with its big puffy clit and neatly trimmed, dark bush. When her talented tongue has Dolly excited, Cindy stands to let her busty girlfriend lavish attention on her own big breasts, rubbing her pussy as Dolly sucks her nipples. Dolly strokes her foot over Cindy’s perfect ass, then grinds it against her pussy, sliding it into her panties, masturbating as she watches Cindy get off on it. Cindy sucks her juice from Dolly’s toes, gasping with pleasure as Dolly kneels to eat her wet pussy. They kiss again as she rubs herself to an orgasm against Dolly’s leg, then licks her to an intense climax of her own. A must see for fans of sexy, uninhibited women who love to lick toes and pussy!

Date: May 21, 2019