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Eve’s Blind Dates Episode 4 – Date Night – Anie Darling & Eve Angel & Selena Mur


Gorgeous Eve Angel is playing matchmaker again in episode four of “Eve’s Blind Dates,” setting up a lunch date between shy Anie Darling and horny Selena Mur at her place. They don’t realize Eve won’t be joining them until she leaves them alone, whispering encouragement in Anie’s ear. Her plan works, and after a few moments Anie takes the initiative and kisses her eager guest, the food forgotten. Now she’s overcome her initial shyness, Anie makes up for lost time, lifting Selena’s top to suck on her stiffening nipples, then sliding a hand into her jeans to rub her pussy. She tugs Selena’s jeans and panties down, kneeling to lick her clit until she’s squirming with pleasure. Selena sits on the counter and spreads her legs wide, Anie licking and sucking her juicy pussy avidly. She stands so Selena can reach her pussy too, and they finger-fuck each other in unison. The girls clear the table ready for the main course – Anie’s sweet pussy, to be devoured with fingers and tongue. She smiles delightedly as Selena kisses all around her smooth slit, teasing her, before lapping at her clit. Anie turns over and Selena spreads her ass wide and licks it eagerly, diddling her pussy until her whole body bucks as she climaxes. Of course, Selena wants to be dessert, bending over the table to let Anie lick and finger her from behind until she orgasms. As the girls kiss, it seems their appetite for each other is not yet sated…

Date: June 17, 2019