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Derriere Episode 1 – Poolside – Cayla Lions & Sade Rose


Ebony goddess Sade Rose and her mischievous blonde girlfriend Cayla Lions have a water fight in the swimming pool before slipping into a sizzling smooch, as Sandra Shine’s stylish and hot backdoor-themed movie “Derriere” begins. The fooling around turns passionate as they begin to French kiss voraciously; Sade, who is already topless, removes Cayla’s bikini to expose her pert breasts and shaved pussy, with its cute triangular tuft of hair. As Cayla leans on the steps of the pool, Sade slips between her open legs and switches between sucking on her labia and flickering her tongue in and out of her honey hole. Cayla sighs approvingly, growing louder and more breathless when Sade brings her fingers into play. Cayla rolls over onto her knees and shakes her firm, sweet ass in sexy Sade’s smiling face. Sade grabs her cheeks and parts them wide enough for her to slip her tongue between them, rimming Cayla’s asshole while fingering her juiced-up pussy, driving her to an orgasm. Cayla strips off Sade’s bikini briefs, slapping her magnificently curvaceous ass, causing her cheeks to wobble invitingly. The naughty blonde dribbles saliva between Sade’s ass cheeks to lube up her hole, before slipping a thumb deep inside. Sade smiles approvingly as Cayla thrusts her thumb in and out, but she craves something more substantial and hands her girlfriend a dildo. Cayla fucks Sade vigorously with the toy, fingering the insatiable beauty’s wet pussy simultaneously. Sade wants her favorite now, a bright yellow dildo that Cayla slides it in and out of her tight hole. She turns onto her back so Cayla can eat and finger her soaked pussy while she drills her own ass, making her climax hard. It’s a backdoor lover’s dream!

Date: June 21, 2019