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Day Dream Episode 4 – Work Together – Lovita Fate & Tiffany Doll


Sexy French brunette Tiffany Doll rocks in a hammock while watching hot blonde Lovita Fate sort firewood and rake leaves, as episode four of Sandra Shine’s “Day Dreams” begins. Tiffany fantasizes that Lovita is naked and masturbating, sucking two fingers and sliding them deep inside her shaved pussy, groping her beautiful breasts with her free hand. When she switches to rubbing her clit feverishly, her whole body trembles as she climaxes. Tiffany joins her, and the horny blonde strips her naked, pushes her backwards onto a swing seat, and kisses her passionately. She sucks on Tiffany’s stiff nipples and plants kisses down her body. Once she reaches Tiffany’s succulent pussy with its cute landing strip of dark hair, Lovita spreads her labia and dips her tongue deep inside the juicy inner pinkness. Tiffany tugs at her own breasts as Lovita savors her honey, replacing her tongue with her fingers, thrusting them in and out furiously as Tiffany yelps with delight. Tiffany rubs her own clit as Lovita’s fingers and tongue drive her wild, but just when she’s on the brink of orgasm, the naughty blonde tells her, “Watch me instead.” Frigging themselves avidly, they soon both lose control, having intense simultaneous orgasms. Tiffany drifts off to sleep, and when Lovita wakes with a drink, her expression suggests she’s still lost in the afterglow of her vivid fantasy…

Date: June 12, 2019