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Dark Temptation – Hayli Sanders & Veronica Leal


Gorgeous brunette Hayli Sanders dresses up in sexy lingerie that leaves her hard nipples and curvy ass cheeks exposed. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Dark Temptation” begins, the corseted beauty embraces her lover Veronica Leal, who wears nothing but high heels and black tape over her nipples and pussy. They kiss and touch passionately, Hailey’s fingers trailing all over the redhead’s toned body, making her moan softly. She teases Veronica through the tape before slowly peeling it off her perky breasts and sucking her dark nipples, making her shiver with pleasure. Removing the tape from Veronica’s pussy, Hayli rubs her clit, then kneels to lick her, driving her to a series of intense orgasms. Hayli thrusts two fingers into Veronica’s drenched pussy to fuck her vigorously, making her squirt as she cums again. Now Veronica lavishes attention on Hayli’s nipples through her peephole bra, unzips her corset and licks her through the opening of her split-crotch panties. She sucks Hayli’s shaved slit skilfully, giving her a powerful climax.

Date: June 7, 2019