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Dark Desires Episode 3 – Plead – Delia A & Dolly Diore


Dominant beauty Dolly Diore knows the secret to good sex is asking for what you want. As she explains in episode two (“Plead”) of Sandra Shine’s erotic tour de force “Dark Desires,” submissive cutie Delia A has trouble communicating; but Dolly has the perfect way to teach her – even if it means making her beg for it. Gorgeous Delia is wearing nothing but skimpy panties and a blindfold, her wrists cuffed together. Her sexy mistress pins her arms above her head and starts teasing her, skating her hands delicately all over Delia’s slender body. She sucks, pinches and bites Delia’s nipples until they are stiff, then removes the blindfold to uncover Delia’s beautiful eyes and shows her the vibrating bullet that hangs on a chain around her neck. Dolly holds the vibrator against Delia’s pussy, making her squirm, then tugs her shiny panties aside and presses it directly on her clit. Delia starts to moan and rock her hips up as Dolly frigs her with the vibrator, talking dirty to her all the while, but she refuses to speak – so Dolly stuffs the panties in her mouth. She rubs her thigh against Delia’s pussy, then turns her around, spanking her ass, before donning a big strap-on cock. She teases Delia with it until finally Delia begs her to stick it in her pussy. Delia’s gasps of pleasure mingle with the sticky, squishing noises as Dolly fucks her with quick, hard strokes, and finally she begs, “Please don’t stop!” She is so wet and creamy as Dolly shackles her ankle to her wrist and rams into her even deeper, her breasts jiggling as she gets fucked to an intense orgasm. Now Delia kneels to lick Dolly’s hairy pussy, tonguing her clit until she shudders to a climax. Inspired by a story from, this is sure to awaken your “Dark Desires” too.

Date: July 26, 2019
Actors: Delia A / Dolly Diore