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Can I Play Now – Lovita Fate & Mia Split


Cute Lovita Fate is getting bored as she watches her gorgeous girlfriend Mia Split play a video game. As Bree Parker’s hot lesbian movie “Can I Play Now” begins, Lovita asks to take a turn, but Mia is so engrossed she refuses. The sexy blonde strips naked and grabs her double-ended dildo, getting her girlfriend’s attention at last as she feeds one end into her pussy and the other into Mia’s eager mouth. Mia pulls off her sweater and Lovita caresses her beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples to stiff points. She peels off Mia’s shorts and goes down to eat her shaved pussy, latching onto her clit to drive her wild. Thrusting the dildo into Mia’s slick slot, Lovita fucks her steadily to make her moan and squirm. Flexible Mia turns onto her knees and Lovita licks her tight ass and drills her with the mock cock, giving her a powerful orgasm. Now Lovita lies across her lover’s lap, and Mia uses the dildo to penetrate her juicy pussy, making her climax hard.

Date: May 18, 2019