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Be My Slave – Reloaded Episode 2 – Indulgent – Arian & Penelope Cum


Tall, sultry Spanish beauty Penelope Cum fixes a collar around petite Arian’s neck, and binds her wrists with leather cuffs. Penelope licks her slave’s face, then pushes the nubile babe up against a wall as she thrusts her tongue into her mouth and grinds her hand hard against Arian’s pussy. Penelope makes sure Arian knows who’s boss. She uses her slave as a plaything, sitting on the couch and taking her toy with her. Arian sits, her hands cuffed, between her mistress’s thighs as Penelope gropes her breasts and pulls Arian’s face around far enough to push her tongue into the willing slave’s mouth. Penelope wets her fingers and teases her toy’s clit, rubbing her hard as she moans and writhes. She presses a vibrating wand up hard against her slave’s pussy, grabbing hold of the leather restraints as she forces an orgasm out of Arian. There is no respite, Arian is brought to orgasm and kept there for her mistress’s pleasure – her pussy belongs to Penelope Cum. And when Penelope is done with tormenting her toy, it’s time for Penelope to pleasure herself. She straddles her slave’s face as the submissive licks her smooth pussy. Penelope grinds hard against Arian’s face as she comes, the slave’s hair held tight in her orgasmic grip. Sated, she resumes her onslaught, eating Arian to yet another climax before demanding another for herself.

Date: July 5, 2019
Actors: Arian / Penelope Cum