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Androgynous Episode 4 – The Driver – Frida Sante & Rina Ellis


In “The Driver,” episode four of Sandra Shine’s sizzlingly sapphic “Androgynous” series, gorgeous Rina Ellis plays the hot chauffeur who’s transporting ferociously sexy Frida Sante. The Mexican beauty deliberately leaves a briefcase in the car; when Asian babe Rina returns it, Frida greets her wearing nothing but her sexy lingerie, and immediately sits her down and straddles her. Rina doesn’t resist as Frida starts removing her masculine attire, and once her gorgeous breasts are bared, she looks approvingly into Frida’s eyes and pulls her close for a torrid kiss. Frida pulls down Rina’s pants and starts sucking her pussy through her panties, while Rina, eyes closed in ecstasy, caresses her own breasts. They move slowly, savoring every moment. Frida grinds her breast against Rina’s wet slit, trailing her erect nipple up and down the slick groove. She feasts on Rina’s pussy, taking her to the edge, then teasingly pulling back before tipping her over, choosing to use her thrusting fingers to drive her to an intense orgasm. Rina takes control, pushing Frida against the wall with her arms held above her head. She kisses and licks Frida’s heaving breasts, then goes down to eat her and slip two fingers deep inside her. As Rina tongues Frida’s pussy skilfully, Frida thrusts herself hard against Rina’s face, grinding to an orgasm. It’s clear this is just the first of many rides they’ll take together.

Date: May 30, 2019