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Afternoon Fantasy – S1:E20


Afternoon sun filters in through the windows as young lovers Kiki Kandy and Ally Summers cuddle in Ally’s bedroom. Things take a sensuous turn as their touches and tickles gradually lead to clothes coming off. Kiki massages Ally’s small perky breasts, delighting in her pert hardened nipples as Ally returns the favor.Soon the girls are lost in the wonder of kissing and caressing one another. Kiki is the first to take things a step further, sliding her hand down to cover Ally’s silky shaved slit and feeling the dampness of her friend’s anticipation. Licking and suckling her way down Ally’s body, Kiki smiles before sampling the sweetness of Ally’s wet pussy.Consumed by the passion Kiki ignites within her, Ally grips the bed frame as her lover spreads her sensitive lips and concentrates on her tender clitoris. Ally’s breathing quickens as pleasure rolls through her, encouraging Kiki to step up her efforts.Unable to keep her hands to herself, Ally brushes Kiki’s hair back with a tender touch that shows the depth of feeling between the two beautiful ladies. Kiki responds with a soft sigh of happiness as she presses her friend’s thighs further apart and delves deep into her slick slit with her tongue. Within seconds Ally is overcome by an intense orgasm that leaves her happily spent.Satisfied with her efforts, Kiki rejoins Ally on the pillows to give her lover a sweet kiss.

Date: August 2, 2019