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The Luxurious Mask 2 – Jia Lissa


Sexy redhead Jia Lissa sidles into the room wearing a fur-trimmed silk gown and slips on a golden mask before sitting back on a chaise longue and opening her robe. Naked but for a pair of black panties that accentuate the porcelain perfection of her skin, she strokes her fingers deftly over her breasts, teasing her nipples alive. She is quick to take off her panties, her body moving to its own sexual rhythm. She licks a finger and rubs at her shaved slit, her clit tingling under her own touch. How easy it is for her to push two fingers inside her slick pussy. She slips them out to tease her clit again but cannot resist and has to drive them back inside her tight hole. Her desire takes control of her body as she hammers her fingers hard into her pussy, then turns to kneel and frig herself from behind.

Date: July 20, 2019
Actors: Jia Lissa