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Take It Off – Alexis Crystal


Sexy Alexis Crystal walks forward and opens her long shirt to reveal her naked body beneath, flashing her stunning figure before wrapping it up and heading back to her seat. Sitting, she opens her shirt once more, her beautiful breasts revealed as she strokes her silky-smooth thighs. Smiling seductively with red lips, she rolls over onto her hips and runs a hand over her sweet, naked ass. She teases some more, sitting up straight and buttoning her shirt, hiding her pussy from view. Her hand slips inside and down between her thighs to cup her sex. She opens her legs, but keeps her hand in front of her slit, hiding her most intimate part. The tease is over when she takes off her shirt and sits naked but for a pair of black high heels. Her legs spread wide apart and she leans back against the wall. She rubs her shaved pussy, fingers delving between wet folds. Turning in her seat, she gets onto hands and knees and reaches between her thighs, stroking her slit before licking her fingers. Now she’s so turned on, driving two fingers inside her pussy, rubbing herself with both hands, lost in her sexual fantasies.

Date: June 12, 2019
Actors: Alexis Crystal