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Sun Dance – Carolizi


Simmering Carolizi frolics on the shoreline, her T-shirt rolled up over her stomach, her denim shorts hugging her hips. She raises her top further, her tanned breasts glowing in the morning light. Slowly, teasingly, she pushes her shorts down, her fingers delving inside. With her shorts off, she lounges on a rock, spreading her thighs wide, feeling the warmth of the sun on her pussy. Carolizi strokes her breasts and stands, raising a foot onto the rock, turning and easing her legs apart to show her pussy from behind. The athletic beauty lifts her leg all the way to her head, her legs spread so wide. Removing her last item of clothing, she writhes on the shore, twisting and turning, dipping to wet her hand, before walking into the ocean. She finds s comfortable spot to sit and lets the gentle waves lap at her ass and thighs. The water feels good splashing around her inner thighs, tickling her clit and lips, rolling between her ass cheeks. Finally, she leaves the water and lets the sun dry her naked body. She is horny, her pussy is open and moist with more than sea spray…

Date: July 20, 2019
Actors: Carolizi