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Study Hard 2 – Jia Lissa


She should be studying, but sexy redhead Jia Lissa finds text books so boring in comparison to her own body. When she should really be writing in her notebook, she puts down her books and gently traces the tip of her pen over her crotch and up to her chest. That decides things for her as her mind wanders far from learning and straight to self-love. She dips her pen inside her shorts, then tosses it aside and opens them up. The aroused beauty delves inside her panties, fingers searching for her wet slit. There’s no going back as she takes off her top and toys with her cherry red nipples until they’re stiff and jutting out in front of her. On her back, she spreads her legs apart and thrusts two fingers inside her tight pussy, using her free hand to grind against her clit as her body shakes and bucks with sexual pleasure.

Date: May 19, 2019
Actors: Jia Lissa