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Sensual Freckles – Margot A


Sexy Margot A, perfectly naked, sits on her bed and cups her big, beautiful breasts. The sun has brought out her freckles, so cute on her gorgeous face. She lies back on crisp white sheets and rubs at her shaved pussy, horny for some fun, then grabs her vibrator and strokes it around her body, teasing her titties. Licking her fingers, she rubs and pats her clit, then follows it with her sex toy, easing it up her tight hole and slipping it and out nice and fast. She gets off slapping it against her clit and probing herself, then moves onto her hands and knees, her fine round ass up in your face as she reaches around one cheek and slides the toy back inside. Now she needs her fingers, driving two deep in her juicy hole then pulling them out to slap her clit some more. it drives her wild and she falls on her back, rubbing frantically, driving herself to a noisy and satisfying orgasm.

Date: July 30, 2019
Actors: Margot A