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Mirror’s Ritual – Dgil


Auburn haired beauty Dgil stands in front of her full-length mirror in chestnut chiffon underwear, her nipples jutting out through the fine material, and toys with her hair; but soon her eyes are drawn to her budding nipples and she finds herself sliding her dress down from her shoulders and pulling her lingerie aside to expose her shaved pussy. A flush of desire comes over her and she drops her top to stroke her nipples gently with a finger, wetting it with her tongue and tracing a line over her nipple to make it harden. She takes off her top and pulls gently on her nipples, they stick out so far, such sexy glass-cutters on her charming little titties. Undoing the drawstrings of her panties, she lets them drop to the floor and cups her ass cheeks, stroking them and squeezing them as she admires her body in the mirror. Taking to her bed, Dgil comes alive to the thrill of her own touch, her fingers exploring her naked body, a tingle of erotic desire sweeping through her.

Date: June 3, 2019
Actors: Dgil