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Mirror, Mirror, Tell Me The Truth 2 – Kery


Gorgeous blonde Kery checks herself out in front of the mirror halfway down her stairs. She’s looking good in a short skirt and tight pastel top that’s so thin her nipples can be seen jutting through. Getting off on her reflection, she lifts her top and pinches her nipples to make them hard then drops her little skirt down around her ankles and steps out to stand in heels and white cotton panties, fondling her breasts and rubbing her mons through her underwear. Mesmerized by her own beautiful body, she carries on playing with herself and watching her nipples stiffen and her big boobs jiggle. Sliding a hand inside her panties, she rubs her pussy hard then pulls the panties down and steps out of them, stroking herself with two hands. She’s so turned on she drops to her hands and knees, ass up as she rubs at her hole between her thighs, watching you over her shoulder. Her mouth opens as she gasps with delight, pushing two fingers into her tight hole as she frigs herself to orgasm.

Date: May 23, 2019
Actors: Kery