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Make Up – Elouisa


Watch gorgeous Elouisa as she sits at her dresser and applies make up in the mirror. A little blusher, a touch of mascara, a hint of eye shadow. Beautiful. She knows she looks hot, right down to her bones. She can feel it too, running her hands over her body, gliding her fingers down to her crotch and lifting her plain grey dress up over her naked breasts, so sweet. She slips her hand inside her black panties and rubs at her clit a moment, hooking her thumbs into the elastic to pull them down. Now she’s naked and sitting facing you with her legs open; two fingers splay her lips open, her shaved pussy tingling to her touch, taking her finger inside. She works her clit long and hard, eyes closed, mouth open, losing herself to her own sexual satisfaction. Kneeling on her stool she stares at herself in the reflection, frantic hands strumming her clit, one finger working between her plump lips.

Date: June 26, 2019
Actors: Elouisa