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Juicy Jia – Jia Lissa


Stunning redhead Jia Lissa picks lemons in the orchard. She squeezes one, letting the juice trickle down her wrist and licking it up. The freckled beauty’s face is alight with sensual pleasure as she pulls her overalls down to bare her sexy small breasts, teasing her nipples stiff. She sucks the juice from her fingers and squeezes more over her white panties, which turn transparent as they get soaked. Tugging her panties aside to reveal her unshaven pussy with its natural red bush, she turns onto her knees and slides them down over her curvy ass. As she rubs her hot pink slit, she spreads her ass cheeks and circles a finger around her tight pucker, then plunges it inside. Now she rubs her clit in firm circles, thrusting her fingers in until she’s penetrating herself deeply in both holes. She lies back to frig herself to a long, intense orgasm.

Date: June 2, 2019
Actors: Jia Lissa