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I Miss You 2 – Cira Nerri


Cira Nerri stares longingly at the photo of a gorgeous babe on the bedside table. The beautiful Russian brunette picks up the photo and calls someone on her phone. The person she calls isn’t home, so she leaves a message. The way her hand slides inside her jeans while she makes the call indicates that that person is the female in the photo – her lover. She undresses and, eyes closed, starts rubbing her clit and stroking her puffy, shaven labia. Her groans grow louder and she flips over and up on her knees. Sliding a hand between her legs, she rapidly rubs her fingers up and down her sticky slit. Her groans increase in volume as she repeatedly changes position then races towards her climax.

Date: July 31, 2019
Actors: Cira Nerri